Videos von einheimischen Tauchern welche die Brillen zum Fischen und Sammeln verwenden

HBO Documentary on Sama/Badjao

If the above video does not work click Real Sports - Freediving as a real sport or as a means to survival.

Jago - Film trailer

Badjao are masters of the sea. In hundreds of years they have lived and fished in the Sulu-sea in the southern part of the Philippines. Traditionally they have been nomads and did only make temporary stops on islands. They are extremely skilled fishermen and practice ancient fishing methods: they catch the fish under water using homemade spears, swimming feet and the exact same goggles you can buy here.

Very deep diving Badjao Diver

Some of the Badjao diver dive as deep as 70m, 80m or even more. See a video ofsimilar to the Badjao people, but are inhabit the coast and islands in the Andaman Sea on the west coast of Thailand.

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