What materials are used for the goggles and how long do they last?

Our Woggles are made out of solid teak wood, so they last decades even when used in salt water.

The swivel is made of brass and does not rust.

The only thing that needs to be changed from time to time is the rubber.

How do you know if the goggles fit?

There is only one size available. The goggles are made for adults and the distance of the two goggles can be adjusted by twisting the cups against each other to shorten the distance.

Warranty/Damages/Liability for usage

Do you offer warranty or money back on the goggles?

Unless the product is damaged upon receiving we don't offer any warranty or money back.

Can Woggles be used for diving?

Yes, the goggles can be used also for diving but they will be never as comfortable as a diving mask.

Also you will feel some pressure going deeper.

Nonetheless local fisherman still use them for diving and also for diving very deep.

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