For Swimming

Wooden Goggles can be used like any other swimming goggle.

The missing rubber seal is only a challenge in the beginning. After adjusting them they will fit like any other goggle.

For Freediving

Can wooden goggles be used to dive down deeper?

After the development of SCUBA equipment there emerged the need for masks that can be equalized. These Masks included the nosepart so that the bigger water pressure in the depth can be equalized by the diver with a small blow of air through his nose into the mask.

"Eye-Only" masks were from then on only used for swimming purposes, because in depths deeper than 5m they can produce a dangerous mask squeeze.

Only now we know that with wooden dive goggles you can dive deeper than 20 meters without having a mask squeeze. Check the Videos on our site to convince yourself how this vintage dive equipment works.

The theory why this is possible is still not quiet known. Feel free to tell us your opinion.
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